Free Napkin Site Promotes Free Stuff, but What About Responsibility?

It is termed the Free Napkin, and visitors to can find free stuff to claim. Once claimed, they pay shipping and it appears at their homes. The catch? None. The potential for entrepreneurs? Priceless. The enforceability of Free Napkin covenants? Iffy.

Log on to the Free Napkin at, and you are most likely surprised by the hodgepodge of items that look like your neighbor’s garage sale. At the same time, a closer look reveals that these items could all have been found at said garage sale, except on Free Napkin they are free of charge.

Donors like the Free Napkin idea because it allows them to get rid of working appliances and other items for free. lets them post pictures of the items and interested parties may then claim them. Once claimed, the person pays for shipping – or drives on over and picks up the item – and the transaction is complete.

Best of all, Free Napkin suggests that there is no liability attached to the transaction. Thus, if you post your old waffle iron on and it sets someone else’s house on fire, they cannot come back and sue you. Resellers are discouraged from claiming bunches of free items and then offering them up on eBay to the highest bidder; Free Napkin suggests that other users keep a watchful eye open for this sort of behavior.

The Free Napkin site is wonderful and the idea is grand, but the potential for problems is not answered by the FAQ. First and foremost, donors do not receive the tax write-offs they would otherwise enjoy if donating their unwanted items to a charity. Moreover, in spite of the protestations that there will be no liability claim forthcoming, it is questionable how much of this is truly enforceable and how much is more or less a Free Napkin gentleman’s agreement that won’t hold up in court.

Entrepreneurs appreciate the fact that they can advertise their businesses on their donation pages. Unfortunately, there is no telling if someone is actually claiming and keeping the goods for personal use, or if the Free Napkin recipient of free stuff will turn around and sell it – if not on eBay, then on Craig’s List or another site – or simply donate the items themselves to a charity for the sake of a tax deduction.

Even more concerning are the ads for free animals. After all, even though Free Napkin users might be the nicest folks in town, it is hard to differentiate them from the shady characters that might sell Fido to a lab or offer Squeaky to a pet snake as breakfast. Donors and recipients should proceed – but with caution – when making use of the site.


Why You Should Start Your Business in College

Some did not plan past their school schedule and are staring into the abyss. Others are already knee-deep in their chosen career path and look out and see a horizon!

I, for one, always wanted to be a writer/entrepreneur. I have rarely wanted to be anything else (after discovering that I could neither be an astronaut, or a super secret agent Ninja) so I went to college with the sole purpose of getting a degree that would enhance my understanding of human nature because that is what sets good writers apart from great writers.

Along the way, I happened to learn a few other things – lessons that not everyone gets to learn in College, in spite of the fact that they should.


At first, I did not discriminate among my friends – whoever was there was it. Whoever naturally migrated towards me was my social circle, no matter how much I abhorred them. Sometime around my Junior year, I said enough! I began nit picking, choosing and judging who I would spend my time with. I surrounded myself with honorable people, entrepreneurs, writers, intellectuals not necessarily because I found it easy to be around them – actually I found them intimidating – but because I wanted to absorb something from them. I wanted to be like them and the first step was to be around them.


It’s easy to just watch TV, it’s also easy to take that afternoon nap and sleep the morning away. That’s what some college students do, then there’s the athlete-scholars that are involved with every campus event and everyone else in between. When I got rid of superfluous activities – random brunches that served no purpose but to cluck-cluck like hens around the water cooler or binge drinking nights where it was required that you not just puke through the night, you hurl through the next morning and so on – I had free time! I started blogs, I made jewelry that I’m now selling, I found freelance jobs, I moved out of a shoddy little 600 sq/ft house to the 1600 sq/ft house I live in now. I stopped wasting time on vices, and found something else.

Money got Easier

With the exception of a few tumultuous personal events money has always been relatively stable, even more so now that I have explored more options. It’s getting easier by the day, to the point where *gasp* I may even be able to add to my savings account. Can you imagine?

I got to know myself

Not starting your career path while in college is just… wasting time. While some people waited tables, other people started their small business. After all, why wouldn’t they? Traditional college students have a lot of free time. Anyone who says otherwise is down right insane. So how do you prioritize that time? Do you network, do you start your business? Do you slovenly get drunk and fall flat on your face as you crawl to your Mid-Terms hung over?

How I handled class and how I handled obstacles were obvious – I dodged most things, if I could, and did enough to skate on by. I didn’t become the champion of academia I had fantasized about being. Strangely enough, though, my writing improved, I was seeking out opportunities and, to my shock and amazement, I was able to be social. I made contacts, was able to link people up, people were able to link me up with valuable resources and I could network. I could get people jobs, or find people that could get them jobs, I could research, I could sell almost anything!

Knowing that technology, math and attention to details wasn’t exactly my think, I tried to work on it, while really trying to emphasize how I was able to think of the big picture. I wouldn’t have known that if I had gone to College and if looked at from the perspective of self-analysis, a traditional college experience is really worth every cent if you don’t waste your time.

6 Hot Online Marketing Strategies: How To Develop Online Business With Internet Marketing

The internet is a rich source of marketing ideas and strategies for any marketer wishing to develop his business online. The main advantages of the internet are that one can reach out to a broad set of people, broadcast the marketing message to a targeted audience, develop and deliver products to customers online and also do it with the minimum effort. Here are six hot strategies for online marketing.

Article Marketing For Creating A Brand

A personal brand goes a long way in attracting prospects and customers to one’s products and services. Therefore, article writing and article marketing have emerged as a popular means to create one’s online reputation. When people see various articles written by the marketer and published in multiple article directories, they immediately develop a sense of trust in the author and start considering him as an expert in the field. Then the prospects naturally seek out the author and know more about his product offerings.

Ebook Writing For Generating Traffic

When there is a lot of competition, a marketer needs to differentiate his services from others and also must use unique methods to attract prospects to his business. One of the popular means is to write an ebook and share it with others. Since the ebook moves from one person to another in a viral manner, it is the best way to promote one’s products. Alternatively, the marketer can also offer the ebook as a gift in return for opting in to the mailing list.

Sales Funnel Development For Selling High Ticket Products

When there are high ticket products to be sold, an elaborate process needs to be followed in the form of a sales funnel. This sales funnel approach prepares the prospect in stages to buy the high ticket item. In the process of setting up a sales funnel, the internet marketer can also sell affiliate products and earn significant revenue. In a sales funnel, the marketer develops trust by sharing useful information with the prospect and then encourages him to buy the products.

List Building For Trust And Relationship

Relationship building with one’s prospects and customers is of primary importance for an internet marketer. Therefore, the first step in this direction is to build a list of email ids. The next step is to supply information which is of relevance and value to the prospects. This will make the prospects want to receive emails from the marketer. As the trust level increases, the marketer can sell many products to his prospects.

Online Coaching For Sharing Expertise

Sharing one’s expertise through an online coaching class is a marvelous strategy to attract prospects for the business. For instance, if one is marketing nutritional supplements, one can start an online class which imparts knowledge of good dietary habits, qualities of food and importance of exercise. All this helps to generate more value to the products one is selling. In addition, these online classes can also become a source of revenue for the marketer.

Social NetworkingFor Making Friends

Social networking is usually a means of making new friends but it can also be used as a platform for promoting one’s online business. Although one must not directly promote one’s business on sites like Facebook and Twitter, one can use these sites to connect with prospects and customers and strengthen the bonds of relationship which is the foundation of any business.

The internet has made it extremely easy for entrepreneurs to start and develop their business online. And the above six strategies can help them to grow their business on a consistent basis.