It is important that at home workers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed are certain to take care of their health, spiritual, mental and physical. Working at home can call for long hours, especially if business is booming. It can be tempting to work late into the night and on weekends. Over time, this can find a person spending large amounts of time indoors.

Successful At Home Workers Taking Regular Breaks and Days Off

A few weeks of sitting in front of the computer for ten or more straight hours a day without venturing outdoors might find one’s mood and energy levels dropping. For this reason, at home workers are strongly encouraged to take regular breaks throughout the day. Get up and walk away from the work area and do something completely relaxing and unrelated to the project that one was working on. At least one hour a day, be certain to get outdoors and soak up the benefits found in the sun.

Vitamin D is one of the key benefits gained from being outdoors beneath the sun. Women’s Health Magazine reports in their “Why You Need More Vitamin D” article that the vitamin helps to balance the body’s calcium levels. It also helps to boosts immunity and helps to regulate blood pressure.

Getting outdoors is also a great way to shift one’s thoughts and take a break from focusing on work. And who knows? One might also meet someone and make a new friend while outdoors walking at the local track and field or while walking or bike riding around the neighborhood.

Importance of Organization and Scheduling for Successful At Home Workers

In addition to taking regular short breaks throughout the day and for at least one to two hours a day, at home workers can find it highly beneficially to schedule and take regular vacations. These are times when at home workers leave their work for five or more consecutive days. Simply step away. Doing this can rebuild and strengthen one’s passion for the art or work that one earns a living doing. It can also hedge off burn out and allow insight and profitable ideas to surface.

Day calendars, Blackberries, Internet provider calendars and Microsoft Outlook are tools entrepreneurs, self-employed and at home workers can use to create their calendars. Retailers and office superstores sale day, week and monthly calendars. The calendars come in various colors including black, brown, pink, green and blue. The calendars also come in an assortment of sizes including pocket size, 8” X 11”, 4-7/8” X 8” to 24” X 37”.

Prices for the calendars and day planners range from $5.99 to over $24.00 per item. Some day planners like the At A Glance desk calendars come with a base stand that allow at home workers to simply buy annual refills to replace the former year’s calendar pages with.

Using Day Planners and Calendars to Stay on Track

Entrepreneurs and self-employed at home workers might find that shopping for the calendars and day planners early in the fourth quarter of the year or in February of the new year might allow them to realize the greatest cost savings. Reason for this is that retailers and office superstores often lower the prices on their calendars and day planners at the times of year when demand for the products is lowest.

At home workers can also purchase office supplies like staplers, staples, pens, desktop computers, laptops, ruled notebooks, erasers, journals, envelopes, shredders, copiers, printers and copy and print paper from office superstores. Be sure to check prices across products online before venturing out to the store. This can save at home workers time and gasoline money.

Also check local newspapers and coupon websites for coupons and rebates on office equipment. These costs saving websites allow users to locate and print coupons and rebates directly from their website. Most major retailers and office superstores accept coupons on manufacturer products that are sold at their store.