A business card is the professional identity of an individual and so, it is important to have a card that is smart,appropriate and different from other business cards.

Business cards are more than just pieces of paper. They are the means by which a business can be promoted, remembered and recalled. Using the right visiting card is the first step in creating a presence in the minds of consumers and clients. Here are some unique business card ideas to help get started.

Business Card Magnets

Magnets are a great way of popularizing business and spreading the word. If a business card magnet looks smart and interesting, it can easily get placed on a client’s fridge or bulletin board. This will ensure that, unlike paper cards, it will not be crumpled up or lost or thrown in the trash. It is easy to get a business card magnet made online and businesscardmagnets.com is a website that gives many options to do so.

Business Postcards

Postcards are a unique way of sending out a message to clients and customers. They give you space behind the card to actually write a personalized message and send out information. Therefore, a sales pitch or business introduction is both professional and personal. Business postcards can easily be used to follow-up on a client or send a thank-you note to a customer.

Photo Business Cards

Having a photograph on the visiting card is a great way of putting a face to the business. People tend to remember a face or a picture better than just a name and a photo business card serves the purpose perfectly. Sites, such as, moo.com and flickr.com offer free samples of photo visiting cards and have many reasonably priced packages as well.

Clear and Frosted Business Cards

Simple and straightforward clear and frosted business cards look elegant and sophisticated. They’re also different from their paper counterparts and are often stored by clients simply because they look and feel different. Lightweight clear cards can be designed uniquely to include a picture or even an object and give it additional character. Websites, such as, clearplasticcards.com offer many interesting options.

Opting for an unusual business card can be a smart choice since it will help create a unique identity and may generate interest and bring in more business. Visiting cards that grab the attention, such as one with an interesting photo on it or a clear card filled with liquid, will stay on longer in the memory of a client than a plain paper card. So, use these ideas and resources to design a visiting card that is unique and creative yet reflects the values of a business completely.